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VEGAS BABY is finally here! OR What a Bastard!

9780373863808_PRDIf you loved my first book, THE OWNER OF HIS HEART–Gurl, WAIT until you read this one, because Cole Benton is definitely giving Nathan Sinclair a run for his money. If you hated or just abided THE OWNER OF HIS HEART, well… don’t say you weren’t warned. And as for heat level. Well, let’s just say, stay out of this book’s kitchen, if you can’t stand the fire. The series is called “Kimani Hotties” and I was not trying to have these characters not live up to that name.

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HER RUSSIAN SURRENDER is already an Amazon Bestseller!!!

Oh my gosh, I nearly fell out when my husband sent me this lovely little screenshot. I can’t believe HER RUSSIAN SURRENDER broke the top 500 its first day out.

If you’ve already bought book, thank you SO much. If you haven’t, here’s what people are saying so far…

I absolutely adore Theodora Taylor’s 50 states series. HER RUSSIAN BILLIONAIRE was the first ebook I bought when I got my kindle. HER RUSSIAN SURRENDER is just as good. I will read it over and over again […] 5 stars all the way

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Oh, my gosh, everyone.I love this couple so much, and I am just ridiculously happy to finally give them to you. You know how I feel about spoilers, so I won’t say much more than that. Just leave you with a link to buy the book on Amazon and this blurb:

Escape with a ruthless player tonight…

When Sam McKinley meets Nikolai Rustanov, it’s fire at first sight. A fire she runs away from as quickly as her heels can carry her. 

All Sam has ever wanted was a nice, normal family with a nice, normal man. The arrogant Russian hockey player who claims he doesn’t believe in love right before he offers to “eat her for breakfast,” is about as far from that as a girl can get.

But some fires just can’t be put out.

Sam is dead set on running. But Nikolai is determined to catch her, and when he does, he’ll do just about anything to make her surrender.

The tenth smoking hot interracial romance in the 50 Loving States series, HER RUSSIAN SURRENDER is a deep read set in Indiana that will melt your heart and show you why there’s just something about a Theodora Taylor book… 

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Thanks for all the emails and messages and lovely threats! Waiting for the book to publish as I write this. Will let you know in this space as soon as it’s live on Amazon. But thanks again. I seriously have a case of the warm fuzzies now!

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dim the lightsMy first novella, HER WILD AND SEXY NIGHTS, (part of the Harlequin Kimani DIM THE LIGHTS anthology) is finally here–and ooh-la-la, it’s set in Paris. I got such a kick out of this story’s rough English footballer hero, Mick Attwater, and I think you will, too.

Oh, and did I mention RT Book Reviews gave the collection 4 1/2 stars?!?! Sweet!

Here’s the description:

Janatha Simmons is jetting off to Paris solo to take her mind off a very public breakup that has left her with no love for athletes. But before the plane even lands, she’s starting a sizzling fling with ruggedly sexy Mick Attwater, and he’s taking her to new sky-high heights. Could this affair turn into something more—even after his secret is revealed?

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Wolf-and-soulWOLF AND SOUL, Book 3 of the Amazon Bestselling Alaska Princesses Trilogy is finally here!
Tu Ataneq and Grady Wulfkonig are the last two shifters on the face of this earth who would ever get together. They’re complete opposites–him an uptight former sheriff and her a former party girl. Plus, they have history–ugly history that Tu doubts she’ll ever be able overcome. She’ll never, ever mate with another wolf, she’s sure of it. Not after what happened the last time.
But then she and Grady get stuck together during a blizzard, and the question becomes, can they ride out these storms–the one outside and the ones raging inside their souls?
The ninth smoking hot interracial romance in the 50 Loving States series, WOLF AND SOUL is a deeply moving love story that will heat up your winter!

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Wolf-and-PrejudiceBook 2 of The Alaska Princesses Trilogy, WOLF AND PREJUDICE, the long-awaited follow up to the Amazon bestseller, HER VIKING WOLF, is finally here!

When Rafe Nightwolf’s fiancée, Chloe Adams, disappears under mysterious circumstances, princess-turned-professor, Alisha Ataneq, refuses to let sleeping wolves lie. She won’t even let Rafe, the powerful Alpha King of Colorado, keep her from finding out what happened to her friend.


However, Alisha doesn’t know that Rafe Nightwolf wants her, has wanted her badly for a very long time. And now that Alisha is finally within reach, he’s not going to let anything or anyone get in the way of him having her. Not even Alisha.


However he might have met his match in the professor princess. She’s no one’s door mat, and she refuses to be intimidated into letting Rafe claim her… no matter how much her own wolf is begging her to let the sexy Colorado alpha do just that.


The eighth smoking hot interracial romance in the 50 Loving States series, WOLF AND PREJUDICE is an epic love story that will light up your holidays!


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