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Suggested Reading Order

Ruthless Bosses

Very Bad Fairgoods

Ruthless Tycoons

Ruthless Tycoons: Broken & Ruthless

Keane – Her Ruthless Ex

STONE: Her Ruthless Enforcer

Rashid: Her Ruthless Boss

Ruthless Fairytales

Cynda and the City Doctor

Billie and the Russian Beast

Goldie and the Three Bears


Reina and the Heavy Metal Prince

Ruthless Triad

Victor: Her Ruthless Crush

Victor: Her Ruthless Owner

Victor: Her Ruthless Husband

Han cover

HAN: Her Ruthless Mistake

HADES cover

Phantom: Her Ruthless Villain

Ruthless MC

WAYLON: Angel and the Ruthless Reaper : Book 1 of the WAYLON Duet

WAYLON: Angel and the Ruthless Reaper : Book 2 of the WAYLON Duet

GRIFFIN: Red and the Big Bad Reaper


VENGEANCE: Snow and the Vengeful Reapers

HADES cover

HADES: Stephanie and the Merciless Reaper

Hades 2

HADES: Stephanie and the Ruthless Mogul

Ruthless Magnates

I’m a Completist and I want to read every single thing you’ve ever written:

Ruthless Business

Her Ruthless Tycoon

Her Ruthless Possessor

Her Ruthless Bully

Her Ruthless Cowboy

Harlequin & One Offs

His to Princess


Alpha Kings

Alpha Future

Her Dragon Everlasting

Nago: Her Forever Wolf

Knud: Her Big Bad Wolf

RAFES: Her Fated Wolf

Scottish Wolves

Loving Elves

12 Months of Kristal

Twelve Years of Kristos

Alien Overlords

Her Russian Billionaire flat

His to Claim

Her Russian Billionaire flat

His to Steal

Her Russian Billionaire flat

His to Keep

Theirs to mate cover

Theirs to Mate:

Theres to forever cover

Theirs to Forever

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