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Reapers don’t date


Which Ruthless MC (or Mcs) will

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theodora taylor waylon

Since aging out of the foster care system and becoming a nurse, all I dreamed of was marrying a nice doctor and moving to a two-story house in the suburbs.

So how did a dangerous biker gang criminal end up handcuffed to my bed? And why did I agree to let that animal teach me how to…ahem…do things. Wicked things. In the very same bed he’s been handcuffed to in order to keep me safe?
Long story.

And I’m truly scared to find out how it will end.

theodora taylor waylon

My fling with the ruthless MC biker that I chained to my bed?

Long story. And it didn’t end well.

Anyway, I’ve come to my senses. It’s time to marry my doctor fiancé and make all my former foster kid dreams come true. But who do I spot at the back of the church after I walk down the aisle to join with my sensible groom in marriage?

That dangerous MC. His ice-cold eyes are blazing with rage. 

And this time, he’s totally unchained.

theodora taylor griffin

You crossed me. You kept this secret from me. Now you’ll have to pay.
–Griffin F**kin Latham

Five years ago, I pretended to be somebody else entirely while working at a roadhouse biker bar. Big Mistake. Huge. Who knew one month pretending to be an interesting bad girl could ruin a boring good girl’s life when the biker-sized mistake finds me…with our little girl?


Morally Grey Exes
Who Serve Their Revenge
Piping Hot?
Let’s Go!

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Vengeance isn’t just a team of enforcers, they’re a destination where all morals and good sense get checked at the door.

Whenever they come into the roadhouse, they stare at me. Three wolves just biding their time until I agree to be their next meal.

theodora taylor victor

On my 21st birthday, my father throws me the most lavish New Year’s Eve birthday party Baton Rouge has ever seen—then he tells me I’m a woman now, and that means I belong to a man he owes a blood debt.

No, not a man. A demon who feeds on my family’s pain and suffering. Especially mine.

His name is Hades Fairgood. But he is neither good nor fair.

He’s the twisted ruler of a biker underworld, and he renames me Persy–short for Persephone and has PROPERTY OF HADES tattooed across my back.

So that I never forget…

I’m his possession now. He owns me, mind, body, and soul.

Hades 2 man cover

Hades is my husband now, beautiful as a god, and a total dream come true. Until one day, when I receive a note from someone I trust, telling me three unsettling things. 

Could my dream-come-true be the nightmare I was trying to escape?

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5 stars transparent

There was so much in this story it’s hard to unpack. Waylon and Amira’s backstory is key to understanding their life choices and why they are perfect for each other. Waylon’s total possession of Amira isn’t as off putting as it sounds and I love that Amira didn’t just get lust colored glasses and fall in line. I loved that she had fight in her. That she didn’t forget her promise once she got her ending. And in true TT fashion, she sets you up for the next story, leaving you always wanting

5 stars transparent

I’m loving this series. The story between Griffin and Red/Bernice was funny and sweet. While it seemed like it would be easy to figure out, there were enough unexpected twist to keep the story interesting. I can’t wait for the next one.

5 stars transparent

Omg…omg!!!! This book was fire!!! The story look left me flying through the book! I couldn’t stop reading! But had to stop because I got the end of the book. Hades is something else. And Persephone….Girl!!!! I mean Wow Girl!!! And those cliffhangers had me SHOOK!!

That OMG moment has me ready for the next book!!

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About the Author

After logging time as a music journalist, playwright, and radio writer, Theodora Taylor began writing hot books with heart in 2012. With forty plus romances published to date, she has earned several KDP All-Star bonuses. Known for writing alternative heroes and smart, feisty heroines, Theodora’s 50 Loving States series has become a one-click stop for an ever-growing number of rabid readers. When not thinking of ways to write and sell even more hot books with heart, she enjoys spending time with her amazing family, going on date nights with her wonderful husband, learning German, watching ALL the Shonda Rhimes shows ever, and attending parties thrown by others. She also loves hearing from voices that don’t originate inside her head, so please…

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