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Ruthless King: 50 Loving States, New Jersey (Ruthless Tycoons Book 3)


Zahir and Prin. Favorite. Couple. Ever. This is a book unicorn y’all. – Happy Reader Dude,

it was just one kiss. ONE kiss. But kissing in public isn’t allowed in Jahwar. And now I’ve been compelled to give the King of Jahwar my hand in marriage. He’s so cold. So polite. But not behind closed doors.

“I’m very much going to enjoy breaking you,” he says, just moments after we become temporary husband and wife.

And now I’m about to find out the very, very hard way… Revenge is best served WIFE.

This is a dark, full-length romance with blazing hot situations that will make some uncomfortable. Please bypass the one-click button if you’re looking for a wine and rose petals king. Zahir isn’t him. But if you’re ready for an epic romance with one cruel beast of a sheikh, this story will have you swiping all the way until the shocking end.

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