Twelve Months of Kristal: 50 Loving States, Maine


A lot can elfin’ happen in 12 days…

On the eleventh day of Christmas, a Japanese billionaire’s perfect date is ruined by a deliciously curvy woman, claiming to be an elf. When he challenges this supposed elf to replace the date he lost, they share a magical night that he can’t forget. Literally.

Over the next year, the billionaire becomes more and more obsessed with the elf who disappeared the next morning, leaving behind no trace of who she really was. He can’t find her anywhere, but he also can’t stop thinking about her. And this obsession is threatening to destroy both his playboy lifestyle and his sanity.

But then he sees a picture of the curvy elf on an American work colleague’s computer, which is why….

On the first day of the next Christmas, the Japanese billionaire flies back to San Francisco in his private plane to track down the elf who got away.

And this is the magical and epic story of what happens next.

This steamy, heartwarming novel is perfect for fans of omakase sushi experiences, PEOPLE magazine, spooky mysteries, and watching magical love stories unfold.


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