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Ruthless Ex Second Chance Bundle

Ruthless exes determined to get back the good girls who got away

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Over 5700 five-star reviews for these fan-favorite book boyfriends!


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Some Ruthless Exes Just Never Get Over You

One will make you pay for betraying him...
in the hottest, most life-changing ways.

One will make you take a job you can't refuse.

One will convince you to stay
with the huge gift he's been
working on since you left him. 

Which Ruthless Ex will become your 

7 books 19.99
theodora taylor waylon

Since aging out of the foster care system and becoming a nurse, all I dreamed of was marrying a nice doctor and moving to a two-story house in the suburbs.

So how did a dangerous biker gang criminal end up handcuffed to my bed? And why did I agree to let that animal teach me how to…ahem…do things. Wicked things. In the very same bed he’s been handcuffed to in order to keep me safe?
Long story.

And I’m truly scared to find out how it will end.

theodora taylor waylon

My fling with the ruthless MC biker that I chained to my bed?

Long story. And it didn't end well.

Anyway, I've come to my senses. It’s time to marry my doctor fiancé and make all my former foster kid dreams come true. But who do I spot at the back of the church after I walk down the aisle to join with my sensible groom in marriage?

That dangerous MC. His ice-cold eyes are blazing with rage. 

And this time, he’s totally unchained.

theodora taylor ruthless scion

Holt Calson was born with an 11-figure spoon in his mouth to one of the wealthiest families in the world. The night we met, I only had 11 dollars in my purse, and it was all the money I had in the world. We were never supposed to meet, much less be together. But Holt didn’t care. He just wanted me.

What Calsons want, Calsons get. And for one blazing summer, we had it all. Until….

Morally Grey Exes
Who Serve Their Revenge
Piping Hot?
Let's Go!

Holt Duet paperback

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Ruthless Billionaire cover

I’m happy and thriving in a solid relationship with a good guy–until my billionaire ex, Holt Calson, shows up at the resort where I’m working as a Kids Club manager. I’ve moved on, but he definitely hasn’t.

He’s also a single-dad now and in desperate need of a capable nanny to manage his out-of-control son. So the powerful CEO decides….

Revenge is best served BOSS!

theodora taylor victor

Victor. No last name. Totally mysterious. He doesn’t talk. He’s insanely hot. And now…I’m supposed to be spending every Thursday with him???

Somehow, I ended up telling him all of my secrets.

But will I be able to handle it when I find out his biggest one?

theodora taylor victor

The opposite of love isn't hate. It's Victor. 

My boyfriend’s back. But not like before. He used to be a mafia prince. Now he’s a king. Dark, cruel, and commanding.

My father destroyed him, and the payback price for that is ten years of ownership.

He presents me with a shackle disguised as a wedding ring.

So I’m his prisoner now. Can I survive his marriage sentence? Can my heart?

theodora taylor victor

Three dates with the monster.

That’s the price he’s demanding for my freedom.

With a growing secret inside my womb, I have no choice but to accept his deal.

But can I tangle with the silent beast without losing myself again?

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5 stars transparent

Sooooo yummy! Hands down, Victor had me with his commanding presence to be willing to go wherever this story took me! Their chemistry leaped off the page. I felt everything! This is a definite One Click and a share with your best gal pal!

5 stars transparent

I devoured this book. I was angry at the end because I don't know what to do. How can I survive knowing that I've binge-read the book instead of savoring it as a normal reader?

5 stars transparent

Holt grew on me, and he grew up... Sometimes, you gotta hold a mirror up to an a-hole and dust off the sugar coating so they can see themselves for who they really are. I was definitely here for Holt's mirror moment with Sylvie. Alright, one-click it already...

Grab this
Ruthless Ex
Second Chance
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About the Author

After logging time as a music journalist, playwright, and radio writer, Theodora Taylor began writing hot books with heart in 2012. With forty plus romances published to date, she has earned several KDP All-Star bonuses. Known for writing alternative heroes and smart, feisty heroines, Theodora’s 50 Loving States series has become a one-click stop for an ever-growing number of rabid readers. When not thinking of ways to write and sell even more hot books with heart, she enjoys spending time with her amazing family, going on date nights with her wonderful husband, learning German, watching ALL the Shonda Rhimes shows ever, and attending parties thrown by others. She also loves hearing from voices that don’t originate inside her head, so please…

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