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Ruthless Tycoons – The Complete Series


The fan-favorite Ruthless Tycoons have finally been collected into one crazy hot boxset!


HOLT Duet: Ruthless Scion/Ruthless Billionaire Holt Calson was born with an 11-figure spoon in his mouth to one of the wealthiest families in the world. The night they met, Sylvie Pinnock only had 11 dollars in her purse, and it was all the money she had in the world. For one blazing summer, they had it all…until everything fell apart with a terrible betrayal. Twelve years later, Sylvie is happy and thriving in a solid relationship with a good guy. Until Holt shows up at the hotel where she works. She’s moved on, but he definitely hasn’t. And if Sylvie thinks all is forgiven, she’s about to find out…

Revenge is best served BOSS.

Ruthless King Dude, it was just one kiss. ONE kiss. But kissing in public isn’t allowed in Jahwar. And now Prin has been compelled to give the King of Jahwar her hand in marriage. He’s so cold. So polite. But not behind closed doors. “I’m very much going to enjoy breaking you,” he says, just moments after they become temporary husband and wife. And now she’s about to find out the very, very sexy way…

Revenge is best served WIFE.

The Ruthlessly Obsessed Duet: Ruthless Husband/Ruthless Captor Luca is the guy pretending to be Amber’s Prince Charming. But really he’s ruthlessly obsessed with her. His methods for obtaining her aren’t exactly honorable. But hey, he’s not the kind of guy who gives two birds about honor. She can’t see him, but all he sees is her. And he won’t stop until she’s his. Body, mind, and everything in between. Amber’s about to find out….

Revenge is best served TWICE.


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