Ruthless Triad – the COMPLETE boxset collection


This box set includes all five books in the bestselling Ruthless Triad series. Do not one-click if you can’t handle ruthless crimelords who love obsessively and hard.

VICTOR 1 – 3

My father asked me to tutor the son of a client in ASL. Turns out, he’s an insanely hot mafia prince! ?? ? And super-secret crush confession: I’m kind of falling in love with him. But there’s no way a ruthless guy like him could crush back on a huge nerd like me. Is there?


This ruthless crimelord’s kindness comes with a price. Possession. Complete and utter.


Pro-Tip: Don’t agree to a fake engagement with a ruthless mafia crimelord like me after you catch your real fiancé cheating. I just might keep you.


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