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KNUD: Her Big Bad Wolf (Alpha Future, Book 3): 50 Loving States, Kansas


HIM: I knew I had no business messing with her from the moment we met. I don’t do complicated and she’s a walking, talking (way too much) Complication. Friends with benefits. That was all we were supposed to be. We even had a list of rules.

This is the story of how we ended up breaking every single one.

HER: After waking up in the hospital with a huge six-month blank where my memory was supposed to be, I have three questions that need answering, like, yesterday.

1. Why was I, a woman, who has never taken so much as an overnight camping trip found bruised and battered on a river bank in the middle of nowhere?

2. What took place over the six months I can’t recall?

And obviously the most important question of all…

3. Who is the father of the baby now growing inside of me?

The answer to all my questions turns out to be big, bad and sexy all over.

READER WARNING: If you’re not ready to go on a wild ride with a big bad Nightwolf and the daughter of one of the most popular 50 Loving States couples of all time, DO NOT one-click this book!!!

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