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His Revenge Baby: 50 Loving States, Washington (Ruthless Bosses Book 2)


When travel nurse Lilliana Tucker is coerced by a mysterious stranger into “interviewing” to become Norio Nakamura’s next mistress, she’s pretty sure there’s no way she’ll get the job. Lilli is awkward, unrefined, and not at all cut out to be a spy–or the lover of a smoking hot Japanese billionaire. But then—WTH!—she does get the job.

Soon her arrangement with Norio goes from a role she must play, to a passionate, barely contained affair. Lilli knows there’s no way her clandestine relationship with Norio will end in unicorns and rainbows. But there are two things she doesn’t see coming:

1. Falling for the man she’s been hired to betray


2. What he’ll do when he discovers her true identity

East and West passionately collide in this steamy standalone AMBW romance. This novel is full of J-Drama with twists and turns that will keep you swiping. Find out what happens when this sweet nurse crosses the wrong billionaire!

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