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Her Dragon King (Her Dragon King Duet Book 2): 50 Loving States, North Dakota Pt. 2 (Alpha Future 6)


The thrilling conclusion to the DRAGON KING duet.

Damianos Drákon is insanely hot, ridiculously huge, and incredibly evil. He’s the trillionaire king of dragons. And also my family’s mortal enemy. He’s a carnivorous hunter who will not stop until he seizes his prey. And now…

I’m the mother of his child.

But can I save everyone I love from my mate? Including me?

Almost every member of my family has pulled off happy endings against impossible odds. Now it’s time to find out if I can too.

READER WARNING: Have a box of tissues on hand for this one and make sure to strap in. Guaranteed, the last story in the Alpha Kings saga is one smoking hot, totally twisty, and especially epic ride.

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