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Her Dragon Captor (Her Dragon King Duet Book 1): 50 Loving States, North Dakota Pt. 1 (Alpha Future 5)


Damianos Drákon is insanely hot, ridiculously huge, and incredibly evil. He’s the trillionaire king of dragons. And also my family’s mortal enemy. So what did I do the first time I meet him?

Grabbed his junk. Look, I had to distract him somehow so that my twin sister could escape with the dragon he was keeping prisoner. It was purely hero stuff.

So when he kidnaps me, I figure that it’s all about revenge.

But I figured wrong. His plans for me aren’t nearly as cold as murder. No, they’re way, way hotter.


My grandfather is a time-traveling Viking werewolf.

My fathers are two time-traveling Viking werewolves.

My sister met her dragon husband in the Ice Age!

My family wrote the book(s) on dramatic love stories, but I have to warn you, my romance is more epic than all of theirs combined.

You ready for this? I can tell you right now you totally aren’t. But go ahead and read anyway. Just remember you were warned.

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