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Sunny in Vegas

The Ruthless Magnate Will See You Now

Someone I love did a truly terrible thing, and I’m working three jobs on top of my one as a showgirl at the Benton Las Vegas Grand to make up for it before anyone finds out—too late.

Cole Benton III, the ruthless CEO of the Benton Worldwide hotel empire, calls me into his glass office overlooking the Vegas skyline, demanding to know why I stole all the money from one of his grandmother’s charity funds.

I can’t tell him that

“You are aware that I could have you fired, arrested, or worse,” he asks, his voice like black ice. Clearly dangerous.

Gulp. There’s a reason everyone calls him Triple Ice behind his back, and it goes way beyond the three Roman numerals behind his name. Rumor has it that he’s BFFs with the leader of a local cartel and that’s he’s not afraid to call in favors.

But I can’t answer—not if it means throwing the real thief under his “or worse.”

I keep my mouth clamped closed.

And Triple Ice stares at me, his malevolent ice-chip eyes glittering with contempt.

Then he opens his desk drawer and pulls out…. a wedding ring???

Wait. What?!

This seriously spicy romantic comedy contains…

A suspicious Ice King of a CEO
A totally innocent showgirl Cinderella
Grandma blackmail (she’s ready for great-grandbabies)
A sexy contract with special terms and conditions,
Vegas level stakes, and…

A fake engagement that just might lead to real love

Kayla in Paris Audio on a Iphone

Featured Audiobook Release:

Kayla in Paris

“I’ll rock your world. If you let me. I’ll rock your entire universe.”

KAYLA: Raise your hand if you’ve ever found out your American football player boyfriend of four years was cheating on you… via a scuzzy daily gossip show… right before you two were scheduled to go on an all-expenses-paid vacation to Paris that was supposed to include a marriage proposal!

Nobody else? Just me?

So maybe you’ll understand why I’m crying in first class on the second leg of my flight to the City of Lights.

And why I accept a glass of champagne from the rough-talking Brit sitting in the seat originally assigned to my ex…

And why I don’t say no right away when he boldly proposes a “universe rocking” one-night stand after we deplane Paris.

But I’m going to say no.

I mean, I should say no.

Shouldn’t I?

Don’t say no, Kayla.

MICK: Don’t say no, Kayla.

I’m headed to Paris with one intention: proving to my London-based football team that if they won’t pay the pounds it takes to keep me on, I can and will accept a better offer in euros.

But I didn’t expect to meet an intriguing American on the flight who hates pro athletes and has no clue I’m a world-famous footballer. I’m charmed before I know it, and suddenly this trip becomes less about contract negotiations and more about getting this sweet-natured lass in my bed.

Just one taste—that’s all I crave. But will one taste truly suffice?

And what will happen when—if—she discovers who I really am?

Will this Soccer & Prejudice romance between a ruthless, rough-talking Brit with an ultra-famous celebrity secret and a sweet-as-pie American with a huge distaste for pro athletes end in tears or love? Discover whether one sexy night in Paris can change everything in this super-steamy and delicious standalone contemporary romance.

On Sale Now

Ruthless Scion : 50 Loving States, Connecticut, Part 1 of the HOLT: Ruthless Duet (Ruthless Tycoons) Ebook

Ruthless Scion audiobook on a Iphone

Ruthless Scion : 50 Loving States, Connecticut, Part 1 of the HOLT: Ruthless Duet (Ruthless Tycoons) Audiobook

theodora taylor broken prince

Broken Prince

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theodora taylor deviant prince

Deviant Prince

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theodora taylor wicked prince

Wicked Prince: A Ruthless Scion Preview Novella for The Ruthless Tycoons Series (The Ruthless Scions Book 3)

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