His For The Summer


Aspiring teacher, Cera Winslow, is three days away from being out on the streets when a cashier’s check arrives, bearing one word in the memo line: JUNE

Turns out she has a mysterious benefactor who is offering her more money than she could ever earn on her own as a teacher in exchange for three things: JUNE, JULY, and AUGUST.

He wants her. In his bed. For the entire summer.

The only thing is, Cera has no idea who he is…

Or why he’s doing this…

She takes the deal anyway. Determined not only to survive, but to also provide for her autistic sister.

What she doesn’t expect is the resulting explosion of passion. Cera’s not sure her heart will survive becoming HIS for the summer. Especially when she finally discovers the dark answer to all of her questions.

This sexy novel features one seriously hot alpha hotel magnate, one super sweet grad student, smoking hot sex scenes, and a secret so explosive, you’ll gasp out loud!

his for the summer by theodora taylor