“I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with you, Willa Harper. But one thing’s for sure, no matter what…I’ll find you.”

Willa Harper: Med School dropout. Daughter of the town crazy lady. And, oh yeah, super secret member of the “I Can See Ghosts” club. The very last thing she needs is for Sawyer Grant, the hot former jock who made her life miserable in high school, to come roaring back into her life on a Harley.

Too bad. The gorgeous bully is now a wounded veteran after a stint in the Navy SEALs. He’s tortured and in need of the care only Willa, an experienced physical therapist, can provide. She’s trying to keep things strictly professional between them, but Sawyer is determined to take their relationship to the next level.

But there are things Sawyer doesn’t know. About Willa. About them. And though he sets her body on fire with just one look, she knows if she lets him in, he’ll ruin her life. Again.

Find out what happens in this incredibly romantic, supernatural standalone BWWM novel. Guaranteed to steam up your heart and make you shiver, this very special interracial romance will prove that nothing—nothing—can stop true love.

his everlasting love by theodora taylor