Ask not for whom thy wolves come, Varra. KNOW…we come for you.
Tiara “Tee” Greenwolf might be the Princess of Detroit, one of the baddest state packs in the shifter nation, but the truth is she’s a HUGE nerd–and a little strange. The founder of a successful video game company, she spends most of her time in her rooms, more committed to creating her next bestseller than to improving her love life.

Still, it hurts more than a little when she catches her fiancé cheating on her. Even worse, her ruthless Alpha King father is insisting she marry him anyway! Tee escapes to Alaska for a quiet workcation, hoping to leave all the Detroit drama behind.

Only to have not one, but two crazy-hot, time-travelling Viking shifters show up in the small town where she’s hiding out.

The two Viking brothers are hardcore and super-intense. They both want her to be their mate. And they are will not take no for an answer.

Tee might not be Little Red Riding Hood, but she’s more than a little afraid of getting eaten up by these two wolves.

She has no idea how the story will end, but one thing’s for sure: it’s going to be epic!

Find out what happens in this scorching hot, paranormal/interracial romance. But BE WARNED, this novel is smoking hot to the touch! If two Viking brothers claiming an innocent nerd HARD isn’t your cup of wolf, DO NOT one-click this extremely sexy MFM romance, which proves that what Vikings want, Vikings get. All. Night. Long.