HIM: She showed up in my dark world and pulled me into her light. And then she ran. For six long years she kept herself hidden from me. She is my wife. My siren. My everlasting obsession. Did she really think I would just let her go?


She belongs to me, and now that I have found her, I will make her pay for destroying me.

HER: He’s the domineering monster I had to escape. The only place we ever worked was in bed. And now that he’s found me, he’s determined to take every scrap of dignity I have left.

So why can’t I stop wanting him? Needing him? Aching for him?

He’s my husband. My keeper. My Russian Beast. And I don’t have a chance of getting out of our twisted relationship with my heart intact.

Find out what happens in this extremely intense, standalone erotic romance. But reader…BE WARNED, this story is only for those who like their Russian alphas beyond rough and psycho sexy.

her russian beast by theodora taylor